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The secret to a great party... Tucson DJ Service
You know what they say, "if you want a job done right... you've got to do it yourself!


I personally DJ and direct each and every every show. Some events will occasionally

require a team effort with additional DJs and crew, but rest assured I will always be there be directing my team in the Tucson & Sierra Vista area..

just 3 easy steps3 Easy Steps to a GREAT party… It begins with you...

  • Step One – Call (520) 586-4581 or email so that we can chat about your special event.
  • Step Two – Book your event with my easy online system.
  • Step Three – Well... Step three is where I come in... it's SHOWTIME!.

You’ve done your part… The rest is up to your DJ...

Dancing Will Be The Natural DestinationGreat sound and good music is the heart and soul of an awesome celebration. Because the mood of your party will change throughout the course of your event, the music will need to reflect that spirit and inspire your guests… from dinner to dancing.

NO re-takes necessary...
Music is energy, therefore, the quality of the sound is every bit as important as playing the right music, and because we cannot step back in time it is essential that your event be truly remarkable the first time.

Music that compliments any settingDifferent strokes for different folks


School dances will require thunderous sound and an interactive DJ whereas weddings will require crystal clear sound and the guidance and direction of a true Master of Ceremonies. From corporate events to theme parties, I will help you create the proper setting that will match your ultimate event goals.

Arizona Thunder Productions - Services Available To You

Serving Southern Arizona ( Tucson - Benson - Sierra Vista)

  • Me - When you book with Tucson DJ Service you're guaranteed to get me personally (unless my parachute doesn't open) and 100% undivided attention towards creating a truly remarkable event.

  • Music - Limitless music library with the experience to cater to virtually any genre and style from Top 40 to Big Band. I’ll relate to your guests and clientele and fill their requests… and perhaps even teach a dance step or two if asked.

  • VJ (Video Jockey) - From DJ to VJ...I mix video with the same precision as audio and can provide video for a variety of venue arrangements and needs. This is FUN!

  • Concert Quality Audio - Absolutely spectacular crystal clear sound that will inspire your guests and ultimately lead them to the dance floor.

  • Lighting - I can light up the dance floor or the entire room.

  • Payments - I accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, personal checks, silver & gold (my personal favorite).

Music, Entertainment & More for All Occasions
Your're Getting Married

Tucson Wedding First Dance
     You’re getting married and perhaps considering a DJ in Tucson for your reception’s entertainment. Weddings are truly unique and require very special care in order to create a truly remarkable event that will transcend typical. In fact… I have an entire website dedicated to helping you with your wedding entertainment needs.

     If you are truly looking for something special please take a moment to visit my Weddings of Distinction website for a comprehensive look at your Tucson's wedding entertainment experience.

School Dances
We'll Blow You Away

     School dances are where “Tucson DJ Service” originally earned its reputation for awesome sound. I’ve always been thrilled with the power, energy and excitement of a great rock concert, and as a DJ I wanted to bring to my audience that same awesome sound that would inspire everyone in its path to dance and sing out loud.

     When I arrive at schools in my huge truck and begin pulling out the monstrous sub-woofers the students already know that they are in for quite a show. I’ve seen attendance go up because students start texting their friends and telling them “hurry up and get over here, this DJ has got everyone on the dance floor”.

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Tucson's Corporate Events
Corporate Event in Tucson

     Corporate events usually mean business for your company. Professionalism and reliability is of the utmost importance when there is business on the line. Tucson DJ Service has a wide range of multi-media and entertainment options available with the reliability of on-site backup gear and equipment.

     Tucson DJ Service can comfortably provide quality audio for indoor or outdoor events of up to 5000 people. When it has to sound great and meet deadlines, Tucson DJ Service is your corporate event headquarters.

"I wish we could get married again so we can do that whole thing all over!"

Shawn & Athene
"YOU'RE FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!! We may have to have anniversary parties anually just so we can hire you as our DJ time & time again! YOU were AWESOME! EVERYONE of our guests thought you were great & made it a point to share that with me! We are totally pleased & would so hire you as our DJ again!!!

I wish we could get married again so we can do that whole thing ALL OVER! DEFINATELY have a few more people that want you to DJ their gigs...We are MORE than exceptionally pleased with you & your services!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY WITH EVERYTHING YOU DID ! ! !"

Shawn & Athene

What are Great DJs made of

Tucson Wedding DJ

Over the years I been asked… what makes a really good DJ? Is it raw talent, is it years of experience, is it training? The answer is… yes… these things are certainly part of the mechanics of a DJ, but even more than that, experience has taught me  that most of you hosting parties in Tucson are truly not looking for a great DJ, but rather, a GREAT party!

With few exceptions, most of your guests will not be coming to your event to see the DJ, they will come in order to be a part of an overall experience that you have ultimately envisioned for your guests in which the DJ has a role to play. So I would have to say that a great DJ is someone who can use their talent and skills to help you create an experience that goes well beyond the music and the dance floor.

Today’s GREAT DJ is and entertainer, host, Master of Ceremonies, game master, party planner, Entertainment Director, and yes… occasionally a Disc Jockey. A really good Tucson DJ will make certain that they fully understand your entire event plan in order to offer assistance, suggestions and guidance towards achieving your overall goal of a GREAT party!

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