Is Your DJ Really A DJ?

Bride Shopping for DJNaturally everyone loves the prospect of getting the goods and services that they need at the very lowest price… Who wouldn’t? And couples planning a wedding are certainly no exception. However, it is not uncommon for a bride to buy the most beautiful dress she can afford, book the perfect venue, and serve their guests fillet mignon for dinner.

But, when it comes to choosing a DJ they will often cut every corner in order to save a few dollars. And why shouldn’t they, after all, don’t all DJs really basically do the same thing… play music? The short and simple answer is… Absolutely not! The long answer is… it’s really difficult to compare when most DJs are not really DJs at all.

Buyer Beware!! Unlike other occupations, like a doctor for example, where in order to call yourself a doctor you must go to school and become certified, there is no such regulations for becoming a DJ. So although there are DJs who have studied and practiced long and hard and spend their days full-time practicing their craft in order to ensure that your wedding is truly an awesome experience, there is no consumer protection from those who think that buying a laptop computer and a pair of speakers qualifies them to guide, direct and entertain you and your guests at your wedding. So unfortunately, when it comes to your wedding it is truly “Buyer Beware”.

Amateur DJImagine for just a moment that you are a guest at a wedding and that you have just flown from across the country in order to participate in the celebration. As the reception is about to begin a young college aged DJ walks over to the microphone and begins to speak. It only takes a few words before you recognize that speaking and entertaining is not what he does for a living. As he introduces the wedding party and mispronounces about half of the names you are already beginning to feel embarrassed for the couple. As the music begins to play you are wondering if the DJ has any clue whatsoever as to the typical age and genre of the guests, and the quality of the sound is not much better than the boombox you left at home.

If you have ever been a guest at a wedding yourself then you know from experience that guests will notice everything, after all, they are a captive audience and have nothing elso to do but follow along with what you are presenting to them, and your presention will speak volumes. In order to participate in your celebration many of your guests will have a great deal invested in both time and money, and as your very first party together as husband and wife, this is your opportunity to shine in the eyes of your guests.

It has often been said that the “entertainment will likely make or break an event”. Yet it is not at all uncommon for a couple to book “that guy” who works at Walmart for a living to play the role of DJ at their wedding because he was able to give them the cheapest price.

The real truth is that in this economically challenging and competive market all DJ’s really charge the same. What? But you’ve called numerous DJs and they all gave you vastly different prices. How is that the same?

Different levels of professionalism, knowledge, skills and experience will dictate what an entertainer feels that you really need for your wedding and will take that into account when giving you a price. A part-time amateur DJ with little wedding experience for example, may feel that low quality illegally downloaded music on laptop computer plugged into a pair of budget speakers is all your wedding needs, while an experienced professional entertainer may feel that practice, rehearsal, and training along with high quality music and a concert quality sound system is what your once-in-a-lifetime wedding deserves.

Buyer BewareSo as a “Buyer Beware” conscious bride and groom you will need to ask the question: “If one DJs price is higher or lower than another… is the cheaper service shorting you on services you need, or is the more expensive DJ charging you for services you don’t need?

You have likely spent months planning the perfect wedding, accrued hundreds if not thousands of dollars in wedding expenses, and you have invited guests who are traveling from near and far in order to participate in your celebration… so perhaps the most important question of all is… Who will you trust to ensure that your celebration will be remembered fondly for a lifetime?

It’s important to note, if your wedding is not everything you hoped it would be it is doubtful that you will look upon the few hundred dollars you seemingly may have saved by booking an amateur DJ as a real savings.

Months of careful planning, a lot of expense, and many precious memories are at stake. Would’t you agree that choosing the one you will trust with your once-in-a-lifetime special event is worth very careful consideration?

By: Michael McCune

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