Why a Master of Ceremonies is essential at your wedding?

Wedding receptions today are very different from wedding receptions of only a few years ago. Sites like youtube and facebook, etc., have forever changed the the way we view weddings.

The ability to see what others have done and to share ideas globally have made the simple traditional weddings of the past seem far to boring and mundane to be acceptable for modern brides and grooms and their guests.

In order to meet the needs, goals and values of modern couples, DJs have had to evolve accordingly in order to avoid the fate of the dinosaurs. The simplistic role of the DJ spinning records for an enthusiastic dance crowd has spiraled into multiple complex roles including… Entertainment Director and Master of Ceremonies where the DJ now is often responsible for the guidance and direction of the entire ceremony and reception, as well as creating unique and personal events and activities in order to engage guests and audiences who have become increasingly more difficult to entertain.

Backyard weddings with potluck dinners have been replaced with beautiful and often expensive venues with more extravagant dinners and a full line up of both traditional and non-traditional events and activities that need to flow perfectly while sticking to a schedule, and this is what your Master of Ceremonies is all about.

The word MC (short for Master of Ceremonies) is a buzz word that you’ll often see floating around on many DJ websites, however, its meaning in regards to modern weddings is truly lost on most DJs, which is why the term “Buyer Beware” is so applicable today more than ever.

The term MC is often used on many DJ websites merely as a reference that the DJ will simply make whatever announcements the bride and groom may need at their wedding. Whereas many DJs use the term MC to indicate a passive role at your wedding because they will still likely depend upon guidance and leadership throughout the event.

Pioneers within the wedding entertainment industry such as Scott Faver and Randy Bartlett have been intrumental not only in expanding my own skills but in pushing the limits of creativity for brides and grooms worldwide.

A true Master of Ceremonies incorporates a very special set of skills and will assume an active role in both the planning stage as well as throughout the wedding as a leader, guide and director to ensure that all events and activities flow smoothly and stress-free start to finish while engaging guests throughout the wedding, including the dance floor. A Director is something that every weddding needs in order to keep it all together, and of course, FUN!

But what about if you already have a wedding coordinator to create your timeline, do you still need a Master of Ceremonies? Well, unless your wedding coordinator is also a professional wedding entertainer they will likely do just fine for creating a very basic timeline, but they will likely have no real plan as for how to implement the timeline in a fun and entertaining fashion. Their timeline will likely consist of… Dinner is at 7:00 PM… Toast at 8:00 PM… Etc. However, their plan will probably not include direction for how to transition smoothly from one event to another while engaging your guests. For that, you will still very likely need a Master of Ceremonies/Entertainment Director.

Imagine for just a moment what a Broadway show might be like without the added vision of and polish of a great director… Potential disaster! This is why for many producers their choice for director is often more important to them than their choice of actors and actresses. If you think about it, how often have you thought that a movie you had not yet seen will likely be good just because it was directed by Steven Spielberg?

So… Who is going to direct your Blockbuster wedding?

By: Michael McCune

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