Hey DJ… Just Tell Me What You Charge?


(Please note: Although I have written this post to help DJs to better communicate with brides and grooms, if you are planning a wedding you will likely find this post very beneficial.)

Okay Tucson DJs… The phone rings… as you answer, an excited voice on the other side says “I’m getting married, how much would you charge do DJ my wedding?”

As a director for the Tucson Wedding Network and as a professional wedding DJ in the Tucson area for many years I have had an opportunity to participate in, as well as lead discussions about how best to give a simple answer to this non-simple question… “Okay DJ… Just tell me what you charge!”

To begin, it is important to understand that most brides and grooms lead off with this question simply because they are not sure of what other questions they should be asking. In order for you to be of the greatest service to your clients it is important that you learn to read beyond the simple question and identify their ultimate goals and expectations… you are the professional and that is why they are calling you.

For some, that question is their way of opening communication and they will rely upon you to share some insights and strategy for creating a truly remarkable wedding reception, while saving them the most money. So it is your responsibility as a wedding professional to take the lead by asking them the questions that will help you both to understand their ultimate goals and expectations, so that you can provide the right type of service to fit their needs.

For others however,  that question has an entirely different meaning. Unfortunately, there are those whose wedding has simply become more of a stressful affair and has lost its magic. Sad but true, and even though you may be able to save them hundreds if not thousands of wasted dollars through some very simple communication and by asking the right questions, some couples are simply not open to communication and are merely looking for a quick answer, which you, as an ethical wedding professional simply can’t give them.

Statistics show that “the largest percentage of brides and grooms following their wedding are unhappy with the entertainment they chose”. It is important to understand that as a pro DJ you may be responsible for as much as 80% or more for the success of your clients wedding day. Ask LOTs of questions!!! Those who are open to communication will reap the benefits, and those who are not… you simply can’t help.

I don’t book every client I meet with, but I am pleased to say that in more than 25 years of business I have never received a single negative feedback from any client that I have booked. The secret of my success is attached to a very simple policy; In order to truly understand my client’s needs, goals, values and wedding day expectations, I meet or chat in great detail first, and then create a plan and pricing structure that meets their needs.

Good communication is the foundation for building a relationship with your clients that will help you to guide them towards their ultimate goal… A truly exceptional and memorable wedding day!

To all of my fellow professional wedding  DJs… I hope this helps and I wish you the best!


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  • This post is great for brides and grooms, and DJs. Music is a large part of a wedding day. It’s important that everyone stays on the same page, throughout the process. This post will definitely help that happen! Thanks!

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