Afolabi & Nkechi’s Nigerian Wedding at the Tucson Hilton East

On Saturday, September 21, 2013 I had both the pleasure and honor of being the Tucson Wedding DJ for Afolabi & Nkechi’s Nigerian wedding held at the Tucson Hilton East. It was a small intimate ceremony and reception with their closest family and friends, many of whom traveled from Nigeria to take part in the celebration. The traditional clothing worn by their families were truly stunning and added a very special flavor to their very unique and special event. And the toasts offered by their mothers were truly exceptional and heartwarming.

It was the first time in 25 years that I shared my role as Master of Ceremonies. Tofume, a very close and special friend/family, introduced several of their traditional events and activities. This was Tofume’s very first time in a Master of Ceremonies role and I would like to complement her on a great debut. Tofume is also planning a wedding, date yet to be announced, where Afolabi will be returning the favor by playing the role of Master of Ceremonies at her upcoming Phoenix/Mesa area wedding.

I have included a brief clip of just a few of the highlights from the wedding where Afolabi demonstrates his special charm and Nkechi’s both inner and outer beauty truly shines. NO bridezilla here! Working with Akechi was an absolute joy and I certainly hope that I will have an opportunity to see both of them again. From the reception they are off to a honeymoon in Hawaii where I know they will have the time of their lives.

As a director for the Tucson Wedding Network, it was also a pleasure to work with two other Tucson Wedding Network Members…  Lisa Scoblink, the Social Sales Manager at the Tucson Hilton East, and Glen & Annyce Meiners with BeyondVideo. Please note… The video I have posted in this blog was taken from my very simple GoPro camera and you can rest assured that the video created by BeyondVideo will be nothing short of exceptional when released.

Thank you Afolabi & Nkechi for choosing me as your Tucson Wedding DJ.

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