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Price Wedding at Hacienda Del Sol in Tucson

Hacienda Del Sol in Tucson, ArizonaOn Saturday, March 1, 2014 It was an exciting and fast-paced ceremony and reception for David and Erin Price that lasted a full eight hours and was filled with dancing, fun and many Welsh traditions from beginning to end.

I really enjoyed working with David and Erin because they were so full of energy and excitement and open to a range of ideas and suggestions in regards to creating a truly fun, and exceptional experience for themselves and for their guests.They both worked diligently with me for months creating this unique event that was filled with dragons, bagpipes, dancing, singing, and much more.

Their event included a special surprise from David’s father who brought in a full entourage of bagpipers,drums and traditional music which had everyone clapping and cheering, including myself. The brief video clip below shows some of the Welsh traditional highlights including a unique dancing rendition to the Tom Jones version of Delilah that you won’t want to miss.

The wedding was originally intended to be outdoors in the beautiful garden courtyard of Hacienda Del Sol in Tucson,however, the weather simply was not cooperating and brought wind and rain that forced a last minute redirection indoors. The space was rather tight and the need for ceremony, cocktails, dinner and dancing to fill the same space definitely created some special challenges, but with an great crew and awesome teamwork we mangaged to pull it all together with very few glitches.

Another unique hightlight that showcased David and Erin’s creativity were their custom made and very unique centerpieces, each one different, that were etched in glass with Welsh dragons and a location that had some meaningful significance to David and Erin. David added a final touch with some very nice digital lighting effects.

As a DJ in Tucson it is a great pleasure to work with clients that could so easily become great friends and I hope that their will be opportunities in the future see and visit with them again. They are one of those couples where you feel all of the work and effort was worth while because I am sure they we be together for a lifetime and will cherish their wedding day forever.

By: Michael McCune

Marcus & Mari Stokes wedding at The Highlands at Dove Mountain

As a professional Wedding DJ in Tucson I always do my best to create a special experience for my clients with some unique, fun and yet… unexpected moments. Usually it is quite obvious when the plan I have worked so diligently upon  is having the effect I was hoping to create for my brides and grooms, however, this time I was not quite so sure…

Marcus and Mari’s wedding was relatively small with family and friends, most of whom had to travel in order to take part in the celebration. Marcus and Mari are an awesome couple who are obviously as much in “friends” as they are in “love”.

Although they like having fun and sharing the experience with those whom they love the most I couldn’t always tell if Mari was having a good time. I knew she was tired from a long drive from Oklahoma, and from working out all the the last minute details that a destination wedding brings with it, but somehow I had the distinct impression that she wasn’t enjoying herself.

When I would visit with her throughout the evening and asked how she was doing she would have a little smile and say that she was having a great time. However, I wasn’t really convinced. I thought for a time that somehow I had missed the mark and had not created the experience that I had hoped, planned and anticipated for her and her husband.

Then last night she sent me this note which made me realize that people find and express joy in their own ways:

“Thank you so much for everything. You were amazing. You have no idea how many people commented on the dinner service you coordinated, the slide show, the newlywed game….and so many of your other special touches. So many of our most memorable moments from that day will forever be wrapped up in you and your special touches. It says a lot if my dad says you were worth every penny . I was able to enjoy the night because you and Elizabeth had everything under control. You kept everything running smoothly and made sure Marcus and I were happy the entire night.
It is so obvious when someone loves what they do and it is obvious you love what you do. We cannot say thank you enough.”

Even though it was not apparent to me at the moment, it was a sharp reminder to me of the impact and difference that we can make as part of  the wedding team, and this is such a powerful incentive to continually strive go beyond typical boundaries and make each and every wedding the best ever!

Thank you Marcus and Mari for the privilege… and the lesson!

Afolabi & Nkechi’s Nigerian Wedding at the Tucson Hilton East

On Saturday, September 21, 2013 I had both the pleasure and honor of being the Tucson Wedding DJ for Afolabi & Nkechi’s Nigerian wedding held at the Tucson Hilton East. It was a small intimate ceremony and reception with their closest family and friends, many of whom traveled from Nigeria to take part in the celebration. The traditional clothing worn by their families were truly stunning and added a very special flavor to their very unique and special event. And the toasts offered by their mothers were truly exceptional and heartwarming.

It was the first time in 25 years that I shared my role as Master of Ceremonies. Tofume, a very close and special friend/family, introduced several of their traditional events and activities. This was Tofume’s very first time in a Master of Ceremonies role and I would like to complement her on a great debut. Tofume is also planning a wedding, date yet to be announced, where Afolabi will be returning the favor by playing the role of Master of Ceremonies at her upcoming Phoenix/Mesa area wedding.

I have included a brief clip of just a few of the highlights from the wedding where Afolabi demonstrates his special charm and Nkechi’s both inner and outer beauty truly shines. NO bridezilla here! Working with Akechi was an absolute joy and I certainly hope that I will have an opportunity to see both of them again. From the reception they are off to a honeymoon in Hawaii where I know they will have the time of their lives.

As a director for the Tucson Wedding Network, it was also a pleasure to work with two other Tucson Wedding Network Members…  Lisa Scoblink, the Social Sales Manager at the Tucson Hilton East, and Glen & Annyce Meiners with BeyondVideo. Please note… The video I have posted in this blog was taken from my very simple GoPro camera and you can rest assured that the video created by BeyondVideo will be nothing short of exceptional when released.

Thank you Afolabi & Nkechi for choosing me as your Tucson Wedding DJ.

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