The After Reception Party

The After Reception Party
Here is the scenario… You’ve invited 150 guests to your reception; however, you know that many of your guests will not go the distance due to their age, the high cost of babysitters or perhaps a long drive ahead of them.

So how do you include your guests in all of the evening’s traditional and festive activities without cutting your event short? The answer is… The After Reception Party!

No… It is not two separate parties but rather one party set up much like a stage performance with Act I and Act II which can be clearly notated on your wedding invitations. Dinner, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss as well as the traditional dances are all part of Act I. Your music for Act I can be broad and catered to a wide range of guests and ages, while Act II can be perhaps a bit louder and will cater to the few, the proud… The party animals!

This can be an excellent format for including all those who are important to you while still giving your wedding party and close friends and opportunity kick off their shoes and unwind. If you would like to know more about how this type of format can benefit your reception feel free to contact me for additional details.

Will your wedding be a comedy show?

Comedy WeddingThe challenging environment of our current economy has led to a plethora of amateurs (meaning… “I do this on the side to make a few extra bucks”) claiming they can work your wedding and save you money. After all… even in a good economy it makes no sense spend money unnecessarily, especially if you can perceivably get the very same thing for less money. The question is… is it really the same thing?

I’m sure most of us have either been to a live comedy performance, or at the very least, seen one on television. Did it make you laugh? Did it stick favorably in your memory long after the performance was over?

Now imagine the people who were sitting next to you at that performance who were laughing and enjoying themselves every bit as much as you were. Now imagine one of those very excited people coming to you and saying “that looked like so much fun I am going to put on my very own comedy show, what an exciting way to make a few extra dollars”. Do you think you would buy a ticket for his/her show?
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Determining the Best Length and Time for Your Reception

The key to success as in many things is in the timing, and your wedding reception is no different. I’m sure that it comes as no surprise that the majority of weddings are on Saturdays. It is likely that there will be far fewer conflicts with your guests working schedules, and because most of your guests will not be working on Sunday, they will feel more comfortable to stay out and celebrate later into the evening.

But how do you decide when your reception should begin and when it should end? Because many couples will have spent months in planning and want to feel as though they got their money’s worth so to speak, they will often choose the very latest time that their venue will allow as the determining factor for choosing their reception end time.

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