Hey DJ… Just Tell Me What You Charge?


(Please note: Although I have written this post to help DJs to better communicate with brides and grooms, if you are planning a wedding you will likely find this post very beneficial.)

Okay Tucson DJs… The phone rings… as you answer, an excited voice on the other side says “I’m getting married, how much would you charge do DJ my wedding?”

As a director for the Tucson Wedding Network and as a professional wedding DJ in the Tucson area for many years I have had an opportunity to participate in, as well as lead discussions about how best to give a simple answer to this non-simple question… “Okay DJ… Just tell me what you charge!”

To begin, it is important to understand that most brides and grooms lead off with this question simply because they are not sure of what other questions they should be asking. In order for you to be of the greatest service to your clients it is important that you learn to read beyond the simple question and identify their ultimate goals and expectations… you are the professional and that is why they are calling you.

For some, that question is their way of opening communication and they will rely upon you to share some insights and strategy for creating a truly remarkable wedding reception, while saving them the most money. So it is your responsibility as a wedding professional to take the lead by asking them the questions that will help you both to understand their ultimate goals and expectations, so that you can provide the right type of service to fit their needs.

For others however,  that question has an entirely different meaning. Unfortunately, there are those whose wedding has simply become more of a stressful affair and has lost its magic. Sad but true, and even though you may be able to save them hundreds if not thousands of wasted dollars through some very simple communication and by asking the right questions, some couples are simply not open to communication and are merely looking for a quick answer, which you, as an ethical wedding professional simply can’t give them.

Statistics show that “the largest percentage of brides and grooms following their wedding are unhappy with the entertainment they chose”. It is important to understand that as a pro DJ you may be responsible for as much as 80% or more for the success of your clients wedding day. Ask LOTs of questions!!! Those who are open to communication will reap the benefits, and those who are not… you simply can’t help.

I don’t book every client I meet with, but I am pleased to say that in more than 25 years of business I have never received a single negative feedback from any client that I have booked. The secret of my success is attached to a very simple policy; In order to truly understand my client’s needs, goals, values and wedding day expectations, I meet or chat in great detail first, and then create a plan and pricing structure that meets their needs.

Good communication is the foundation for building a relationship with your clients that will help you to guide them towards their ultimate goal… A truly exceptional and memorable wedding day!

To all of my fellow professional wedding  DJs… I hope this helps and I wish you the best!


Tucson DJs… “A Dime a Dozen”

  Tucson DJ Shoppers Beware

As a Tucson Wedding DJ, and a Director for the Tucson Wedding Network, I have had the opportunity to hear many stories; some good, others… not so much. With the plethora of people looking to make a few extra bucks on the weekend as DJs in Tucson, it’s no wonder that local brides and grooms are a bit skeptical when it comes to booking a DJ for their wedding.

Let’s face it, even a bad DJ can be a good talker, and a good DJ isn’t necessarily a good wedding DJ. But the honest truth is you’ll need much more than talk on your wedding day in order to keep your guests engaged and your celebration stress-free, smooth flowing and fun.

DJs these days are truly “a dime a dozen”, with every household claiming at least one or two somewhere in the family tree. Why are they so common? Well… Unlike a doctor or a lawyer where there are laws requiring that verify their knowledge and education in their field before opening their own business or practice, there is simply no such law for DJs.

 Bad-DJ For a DJ, starting a business is about as easy as ordering 500 business cards online for about 12 bucks. And they can often stay in business because most brides and grooms won’t learn what questions they should have asked their DJ before hiring them, until after their wedding when it is too late.

This scenario is a common occurrence not only in Tucson, but world wide, probably in part because of the challenging economy as well as the lack of decent paying jobs available. The lack of regulations for becoming a DJ combined with the ease of online access to music, makes for an enticing proposition for someone who is having a difficult time making their car payment.

Although it is easy to understand why someone might want to go into the Tucson DJ business for themselves, however, the desire by itself to start a business of their own does not magically invoke the skills, talent or experience necessary for keeping a formal wedding celebration and a ballroom filled with guests on the path to an exciting and unforgettable evening.

It is not uncommon to hear that a DJ got started because they went to a great wedding themselves and thought it looked so easy and fun that they could do it too, without realizing that what made that wedding so fun and look so easy was because it was being run and directed by a really good professional Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies who spent years learning and practicing their craft in order to create a celebration that would come off flawlessly.

The honest truth is, it is simply “Buyer Beware” when it comes to choosing your Tucson wedding DJ. This is the case not necessarily because your potential DJ is shifty or dishonest, they simply don’t know what they don’t know. It is very likely that they have no clue whatsoever as to what is really involved in creating an exceptional wedding celebration.

This is also why there can be such a huge discrepancy in pricing among Tucson DJs. For the weekend warrior DJ, it’s simply about showing up, playing music for several hours, and collecting a check. They don’t have much involved so they can easily give a dirt cheap price.

For the full-time professional DJ who understands that a flawless celebration requires many hours of planning, preparation and even rehearsal, they simply can’t compete with the weekend warrior DJ in price, any more that the weekend warrior DJ can complete with a pro Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies in creating a truly remarkable and memorable celebration.

The key to a successful celebration is in first knowing what type of wedding experience you are hoping to create, and then learning what types of questions you should be asking your potential Tucson DJ so that you can ensure to the best of your ability that your wedding DJ will have the skills, talent and dedication necessary to help you create that experience.

If you would you would like to learn more about what to look for in a Wedding DJ, and what questions you should be asking, please feel free to visit my webpage entitled “How to Shop for a DJ”.

Best wishes and may you have the best wedding celebration ever.


Ultimately the TWN website will only be beneficial if its visible. In order for the TWN to grow and thrive it will take take effort and cooperation of all its active members. Your business listing on the TWN is FREE, however, we do request a link exchange.

In order for the TWN website to serve its members effectively, it will be necessary to increase the Search Engine Position of the TWN website. So in order to better serve you we request that you place a small amount of code at the bottom of the home page of your business website.

The code contains two links:

Tucson Wedding – will link to the TWN blog.
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This will help to build “relevance” or “weight” as seen by Google in the Tucson Wedding Market. The higher TWN ranks, the more power your TWN business link will have for your business.

The link as it will appear on your page is listed below, please contact Michael at to have the code sent to you. (it is important that the code be on your homepage as “relevance” drops significantly after the homepage. The text can be any size you like, however, we recommend that you make it BOLD and display it proudly).

Proud Member of the Tucson Wedding Network

Once the above code has been placed on your website, contact Marc Summersett or Michael McCune so that the links functionality can be verified, and then your business listing will be added to the front page of the TWN website under the Active Members list.

Let the networking begin…

Hello Tucson Wedding Network… Our Mission Is Clear

Tucson Wedding Network is a group of local wedding professionals who have connected for the common purpose of increasing the professionalism of the local wedding market while continuing to build and grow our own businesses through sharing and learning…

Hello TWN… our mission is clear, and as we continue to grow as a network it is vital that we keep our mission statement in mind and stay on track.

It is important to understand and remember that for a networking group to be effective the group must be comprised of active members and participants. So ultimately the TWN will be broken down into two parts… Active members and non-active members.

For those who desire to gain the most benefits from the group it is essential to be an active member. Active members will have a membership card, certificate of membership, access to all network meetings, and will have a business listing under membership on the Tucson Wedding Network website.

Requirements for participation as an active member are relatively simple and straightforward. Since you cannot network effectively if you’re not there… all members will be required to make at least 50% of the network meetings within a year and cannot miss more than two meetings in a row.

As an active member you must be in the business of working directly with brides and grooms. If your business serves wedding vendors rather than brides and grooms you will not be eligible as an active member, however, you may be eligible to participate as a sponsor.

Proof of eligibility is also simple and straightforward requiring only a business website and a professional business card.

As space may be limited within the various venues hosting our meetings, we want to limit the group to dedicated wedding professionals. We do not want this to be a general business networking group. If your business doesn’t primarily deal with Brides and Grooms, we humbly ask you not to join as a member but consider perhaps a sponsorship. (More to come on this.) There are exceptions of course and we will take them on a case by case basis as we are open to new and innovative ideas.

We want to share this with everyone before the meeting so we don’t waste time of those that don’t meet the basic requirements. At the meeting we will go into detail on the two types of membership. Active and Non-Active among other things. Thanks and if you have any questions please contact Marc ( or Michael (

Best Wedding Video Ever

Have you seen this really cool wedding video yet?

I love to see how creative wedding professionals can be, and raising the standards for cool wedding videos is exactly what David Robins did in this video.

The wedding couple, Joya and Emre, really wanted something unique that that would be fun to watch for a lifetime. They also wanted something that would showcase more than just the two of them but would include their wedding guests and friends as well.

They really accomplished that with this video, which has already been viewed more than 693,000 times as of this writing.

It is a really fun parody on the Black Eyed Peas – “The Time (Dirty Bit)”. Hopefully it will inspire all of our Tucson Wedding Professionals to let their imaginations run amok and help their brides and grooms  reach new heights at their Tucson wedding event.

Not to mention, raising the bar can create a lot of referral business. David Robbin’s phone has been ringing off the hook with new business since this video was released only a few months ago.

Keep it fresh, keep it exciting, build your business.


Introducing the Tucson Wedding Network

Tucson Wedding Network

Michael McCune with Weddings of Distinction and Marc Summersett with CE Entertainment are pleased to announce that they have collaborated to form the Tucson Wedding Network.

Tucson Arizona is a fantastic city for hosting a wedding. With its year around climate, clear skies, beautiful sunsets and gorgeous mountain views it’s no wonder that Tucson is one of the country’s top spots for destination weddings.

Tucson is also home to a variety of businesses that specialize in helping brides and grooms get the most out of their wedding and make their wedding day visions a reality.

The Tucson Wedding Network is open to all wedding professionals who cater to Tucson’s brides and grooms, and the purpose of the group is to share, learn and grow and ultimately serve and provide the best service possible for those planning their wedding in Tucson Arizona.

Until now vendors catering to the local Tucson wedding market have had very few opportunities to share their experience and learn from the experience of others, but we are hoping that the Tucson Wedding Network will change all that and offer an outlet of exchange that will not only benefit the local wedding vendors, but ultimately benefit brides and grooms planning their weddings here in the Tucson area.

We are very excited by the overwhelming response that we have received and within just a few short months the Tucson Wedding Network Facebook group has already grown to more than 100 members, and our very first meeting slated for August 15 already has more than 40 RSVPs.

We invite any and all wedding professionals serving the local Tucson market to join our group. Our goal is to make it fun as well as educational and it is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with people who are of like mind or at least of like business.

The Tucson Wedding Network should also prove to be an excellent resource for brides and grooms to conveniently find and locate any and all of the services they will need for their wedding.

Please stay tuned for updates as new information about The Tucson Wedding Network becomes available.

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