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Cutting of the Cake

The tradition of the cake cutting dates back to the gladiators of ancient Rome. In those days the groom would take the first bite and then break the remainder over the brides head to symbolize fertility. However, modern cakes are far messier than ancient cakes and modern brides prefer not to have that icing covered cream filled cake dumped on her head and all over her very expensive wedding dress. So the tradition has been modified over the years to smashing the cake in each others face… perhaps a little less messy.

As a professional Tucson Wedding DJ who has performed at hundreds of weddings over the years, I highly recommend modifying that tradition even further. The ultimate goal of your Tucson Wedding DJ is to ensure for you that all events and activities flow well, and to ensure for your guests that they all have a great time.

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The Money Dance

One of the most misunderstood traditional event’s commonly seen at wedding receptions is “the Money Dance”. Some couples absolutely love the idea of the money dance and others absolutely hate it thinking it to be tacky.

I would like to remove a little of the mystery from the money dance. Originally the money dance was intended to help young couples begin their life together by raising enough money to help them buy a few chickens and goats.

However, at modern weddings the amount of money raised during the dollar dance is not even a fraction of what it costs to finance a wedding. So raising money is no longer the priority for that ancient traditional event.

At modern weddings creating fun, exciting and memorable wedding receptions is all about guest interaction with the bride and groom. Each wedding traditional has its own unique opportunity for interaction. However, the money dance is the only traditional that allows for the bride and groom to at least briefly interact one on one with each and every guest… making the money dance a traditional event that should not be overlooked.

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